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Thread: Could you take my high school stats survey?

  1. #1 Could you take my high school stats survey? 
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    Hello science forumers, I am looking to collect data for an online survey concerning IQ and opinions about IQ. If you don't mind could you please take this survey. This link is going to be posted on a variety of websites and forums. The survey should take about 30 minutes, but is relatively inaccurate in its measurement of IQ.Regardless it would be much appreciated if you were to take the survey.Follow the link to take the test:

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    There is a problem with that link. You should repost it with the correct link.

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    By clicking the link, whether it works or not, mean you fail an inaccurately measured IQ test? Another thing you may want to consider is whether one can fail or pass such a test. The OP is also vague as to whether this is a survey or test ( click link to take test?). Either I'm too lazy to click or too smart not to click, which is it?
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