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Thread: Why can you put metal in combination microwave oven but not in a microwave?

  1. #1 Why can you put metal in combination microwave oven but not in a microwave? 
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    I know that you can't put metal in the microwave because metal is a conductor and when their electrons interact with microwaves, the electrons will go from that metal to other metal nearby, like the metal in the wall from the microwave. But a combination oven is both a microwave and an oven right, so why wouldn't putting metal in it be a problem?
    I really hope someone can help me find the answer to this question.
    Thanks in advance!

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    Without looking up the actual specs, I can't be sure but I'm betting that - since the advantage of a combination microwave is that it also heats by convection (so that you get browning on your food) - it surely produces a lower degree of heating via microwave radiation, meaning less intense microwave emission. Less electric charge moving through the food means less chance of sparking.

    If a typical microwave were to put out, say, 1000W of microwave radiation, then one might suppose that a combination microwave might put out half its energy as microwaves, say 500W, and the rest via a standard heating element.

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