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Thread: How does magnetic tape memorise previous materials.

  1. #1 How does magnetic tape memorise previous materials. 
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    Hi everyone,
    I am in the process of doing my science fair and I have almost finished, when I stumbled upon a big question relating to my subject.
    I am doing an experimental project on the subject "How your immune system uses its memory to fight the flu", majority of my information including the experiment coming from here;
    I have a question about the experiment, in short for the experiment we doing consists of putting some magnetic tape tied up with a plastic cover and put it in a jar filled with iron filings and salt. (the magnetic tape being the antibody and the iron filings being the pathogens). We are then going to record how many iron fillings the magnetic tape will pick up from that combination and apparently, there should be an increase into the number of iron filings picked up by the magnetic tape. over time, meaning that the magnetic tape is getting used to the iron filings and picking more of them up just like a flu shot, the more our body is used to a certain virus, the easier it gets rids of it.
    Therefore, my question is how can the magnetic tape memorize and pick up more iron filings over time? How can the magnetic tape get used to the iron filings?

    Thank you for reading and I hope I can find a response to this question, I have tried everything to find out why but at the moment, forums are the best way to go.

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