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    I'm a high school student interested in testing the effects of gradually altered feeding times on the circadian rhythms of mice. I need two methods to track the circadian rhythm. One is a sensor/motor on the running wheel to monitor activity. However, I need to find a second method that is non-invasive and hopefully less than $200.00 as my funding is not unlimited. Perhaps core body temperature could be measured, but I'm not sure how to go about it. Any help would be appreciated as this question is somewhat urgent. Thanks!

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    I had a quick Google and the best way of measuring the temperature is a rectal probe (not exactly non-invasive!). Measuring the blood pressure might be an option but the kits I saw were around the $6000 mark, too expensive. Heart rate might be an option to monitor activity/sleep cycles. I'm not a biologist though, someone with more expertise may give you a better answer.

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    Tangential, but very interesting news report today

    Heart surgery survival chances 'better in the afternoon' - BBC News
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    You could track drinking. Do it electronically as the mouse completes a circuit between the water bottle tube and a wire it naturally grasps when stretching up to drink.
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