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Thread: Spectrometer and what we can do with them?

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    Hi, my name is Sergio Borjas. I am a mechanical engineer and enthusiastic Physics and particularly Optics learner. One of the gadgets that I now have access to is the spectrometer. I have learned how to calibrate it and move around the menus of its software to measure Absolute Irradiance in mW/cm²/nm. I then learned how to use the math formulas on the software to convert the referred units to Irradiance units, mW/cm². There are so many applications to the spectrometer but I would like to see your comments on Irradiance, Transmission and Reflection measurements; as well as other applications you can think of. One of the problems I am having is that when I measure LED or Laser power, the spectrometer would be saturated. The factory has told me that the reason may be having a slit that is too big and that I need to use a smaller slit to allow for less light to reach the spectrometer's detector. If you have experience to share about the use of spectrometers, please help me. I am mostly dealing with LED and Laser light sources. Thank you.

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