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    I ask you indulgence for just a few moments of the present.. TIME.
    I have been watching the mini drama of the life of 'Genius ' and that he was ( did ) proclaim "Past present and future might yet be shown to be a illusion." Albert Einstein.
    Now it does not escape me that I might not just understand what the hell he's talking about.
    Perceptions of time are surlily understood as a human construct of the flow of moments, past and future.. that we have a one direction of observability. I feel I may be missing something ? I invite your views.

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    What Einstein is getting at is that time is a dimension in the same way as the three dimensions of space are. Would you say that distance is a human construct of the flow of metres, left and right?

    It is true that time is a bit of a tricky bugger in that we only move in one direction but the above illustrates what Einstein was getting at by the sentence you quoted.

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