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Thread: Please check my math

  1. #1 Please check my math 
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    Please tell me if I have the math right, but I looked up mass of a neutron star and its 1.4 times the sun in a 15 kilometre neutron star. So the volume of a 15 kilometre radius of a sphere and the volume is 4/3π153 The mass of a neutron star is 1.4 times the mass of the sun. So that equals 2.7846 X 1030, mass of the sun is 1.989 X 1030. So Divide the mass by the volume and I got 1.9697011 X 1026. I don't know if I should measure in g/cm3or another unit. Please help.

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    It can't be g/cm3 since the mass is in kg and the volume is in km.
    Ergo the density is kg/ km3.

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    If you want g/cm3, you need to convert the radius from km to cm, and the mass from kg to g before you do the math.
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