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Thread: What is A Pain in the Ass?

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    Hello every one. I was reading janina1's thread Is Globalization a pain in the ass? when it suddenly struck me how funny it was that she should state her question so. Yes, it's biased. Yes, it begs an affirmative reply. No, it isn't at all objective. What it is - is hilarious!

    I suggest we establish a new sub-forum right up there with Mathematics, Physics and Astronomy - 'Pains in the Ass'.
    What science topics are pains in the ass, ad what is t be done to take away this pain?

    Until such a time as my petition wins approval, for my own amusement, and perhaps yours, I have taken the liberty of reworking some of our current topic titles to show how efficacious a Pain in the Ass forum could be:

    Is quantum data transfer without any material means a pain in the ass?
    Is all motion being relative a pain in the ass?
    Would turning energy into matter be a pain in the ass?
    Is the double-slit experiment a pain in the ass?
    Is Gun Control in the U.S.a pain in the ass?
    Is Empathy a pain in the ass?

    And what does the Lord require of you but to love justice, to be merciful and to walk humbly with Him?
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    Would your questions be a pain in the ass?

    When the power of love overcomes the love of power the world will know peace.
    Jimi Hendrix
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    Quote Originally Posted by 甘肃人 View Post
    Yes, it begs an affirmative reply.
    Unless you go with Betteridge's Law.
    If ya hafta ask the answer's "no".
    "[Dywyddyr] makes a grumpy bastard like me seem like a happy go lucky scamp" - PhDemon
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    Quote Originally Posted by cosmictraveler View Post
    Would your questions be a pain in the ass?
    OUCH! Hope I can sit down after that response. Nice one Coz.
    All that belongs to human understanding, in this deep ignorance and obscurity, is to be skeptical, or at least cautious; and not to admit of any hypothesis, whatsoever; much less, of any which is supported by no appearance of probability...Hume
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    A broken spring in the office chair can bea definite pain in the ass.
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