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Thread: Can a beam of light, or Gamma Knife beam pass through a hole as small as 0.1mm, which is as thin as a human hair.

  1. #1 Can a beam of light, or Gamma Knife beam pass through a hole as small as 0.1mm, which is as thin as a human hair. 
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    The Gamma Knife uses a Cobalt 60 source to create beams of Gamma Rays to destroy tumors in the brain, I want to see how small these beams can be reduced in size.
    Light, and Gamma waves are part of the Electromagnetic spectrum.
    I cannot insert drawing diagrams in here, if you can imagine a Cobalt source, or light source from the left, and all the Gamma Knife beams, or light beams were being fired from from the left into a funnel shaped object to the right.
    So all the beams were going into the funnel, and as the funnel gets more narrower going to the right, there is a pipe with a 0.1mm hole, so all the Gamma Knife beams are being forced into the small hole, could all the Gamma Knife beams make it through.
    Can a Gamma Knife beams be made so small that it could target a group of neurons in the brain around 0.1mm or smaller which is around 1000 neurons.
    Can a Gamma Knife beam be made smaller than 0.1mm.
    Thank you for your help with this question.
    You can see my idea for a Re Engineered Gamma Knife beam in the attachment below,

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