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Thread: Placebo cell reasearch idea

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    Question! Has anyone else come up with an idea of how to use stem cells to help cure cancer? Is there any way to overload the body with enough cells to outnumber the cancer cells or attract the cancer cells away from the good cells in the body? I know it is probably not possible yet. There has to be a way to distract the cancer cells from attacking the good cells. You would not neccessarily have to kill the cancer cells. If you could find a way to magnetize the cancer cells to the placebo or stem cells it would be like a diversion to the cancer cells. Therefore, protecting the good cells from the cancer. Thanks! grdj Please send me an e-mail on this idea.

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    Cancer cells do not attack "good" cells.
    Cancer cells are not parasites, they are your own cells malfunctioning.
    They damage the body by growing and dividing faster than normal cells.
    They also do not have a self limiting lifespan.
    The body does not recognize them as foreign, and so does not attack them.
    Any chemical intended to kill them also kills normal cells.
    Most research is aimed at selective targeting of cancer cells or allowing the body to identify cancer cells so that it can fight them
    Please rethink your idea with this information in mind.

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