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    I am conducting a community survey, both for personal reasons and for a graduate course project. For the community side, I am interested in determining the level of support people in my area have for a community garden( flower, vegetable or other). However, tying it into the requirements of the course I need to dig deeper and ask a "comparative question". I don't have that "nailed down" yet. I would like to use the scales 3, 6, and 7 from the Environmental Attitudes Inventory (Milfont & Duckitt, 2010) to further examine environmental attitudes within the community. Scale 3, Environmental movement activism examines a person's readiness to actively support organized action for environmental protection. Scale 6 Environmental threat rates the level of belief that the environment is fragile and easily damages by human activity. Scale 7 Altering nature, looks at an individual's belief that humans should and do have the right to change or alter nature to satisfy human objectives.
    The 3 attitude ratings use Likert scale questions ranging from 1-7, as used in the original paper. The community garden question would result in Likert-type questions.
    I am toying with a question similar to "What's the relationship between interest in a community garden and scores on the Altering nature scale?" Not very comparative though. Maybe, Do people who feel the X-city needs a community score higher on the EAI scales than people who don't? Hmm.

    I'm also trying to determine if a 2 way ANOVA is the appropriate measure for this study or if I could get by comparing 2 t-test trials with the data, but I have a feeling I won't know this until I have the test question identified.

    Please feel free to offer any statistical analysis help, or to offer suggestions for improvement on the question. Thank you!

    I imagine the data could be compared in a format similar to this below.
    3: EMA 6: ET 7: AN
    Garden supporters
    non-garden supporters

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