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    Hi all!

    I am a student from the UK, studying Film Production, and am conducting a bit of research for a short film.

    The idea for the film is just a simple thought at the moment, so there isn't much to it. I plan for the film to be set in the near future, I am guessing some time within this century, but that is a detail I hope to have a clearer idea about through this research.

    The main narrative will be based around the uploading, storing, and downloading of memories. So, the characters in the film will literally be able to plug themselves in to a computer and upload there memories, and plug back in a replay those memories back whenever they want.

    So, I was wondering if this kind of technology is something that likely to be around in the future, or whether something like that just wouldn't ever be possible. Alternatively, are there different advancements in science and technology that are similar to this, that are much more likely to be prevalent in the future. For instance, I have seen recently that a message has been sent across the world telepathically, and that false memories have been inserted into the brain of mice. Will these areas be advanced, and what are the possibilities?

    Any response would be great, even if it is just pointing me in the right direction. It would also be nice to know what scientific background you come from, whether you are a professional in a scientific field, teacher of science or just an enthusiast.



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    I'd think that memories could now be put into a computer because all you need do is type or talk into your PC and your memories will be uploaded into it. Memories are things that exist only in your mind and are a part of the storage areas inside of it. To be able to find those memories other than what I stated would be impossible.

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    Cosmictraveler is correct,

    However I would like to elaborate as to why.

    Today we can tell, what part of the brain is reacting to say Love, etc. Via an MRI However we all have our own version of lets say a human computer code, if you like.

    All Microsoft computer work on the same operating system. so one can be switched with another. However with us humans we start writing our own particular code from birth, and where we put our experiences is completely random much like a hard-drive that will never be defragged. when a computer downloads something to an hard drive it puts information were it can find space and it knows were to go to retrieve it, when it's needed. We have certain triggers that will help bring up what we need when we need it to. However the pathway there is completely original to the individual. it is our own machine code.

    So eventual we may have something that could give us a general idea of a persons thoughts. But the pathways to the thought would be far to complicated, unless we destroy individuality, and make everybody the same.

    The easiest way, is to let the person relate the story to you. Via say small cameras and audio devices, these are the best way to experience another persons memories. much like this mountain biking in New Zealand with GoPro, you've heard of GoPro I assume. Personally for me it would be without the music, to give it a truer feel.


    I own and run a solely science based business. That is all the detail I can give I'm afraid. Take what you will from it.

    An addendum: With the mice being given false memories, it is more likely that they stimulated the fear receptors in the brain thus making the mouse create it's own memory of the event as one of fear. The very same can be done via drugs etc. and about this telepathy, has it been falsified. I very much doubt that. I've not seen anything in that regard. I would not take to much notice of that one if I were you. if they had chosen something more elaborate like the name of a random colour, but "hello" is the most obvious thing to send.
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    Thanks for your your replies.

    I probably should have been more clearer when I mentioned "telepathy" and the "false memories", so I have found the links from which I heard about them.

    Here is the one about the telepathy. I should definitely have been more clearer with this one, as it is not messages being sent through thin air straight from one brain to another, and is actually using the internet the transport the message, though it is still very interesting.

    And here is the one about the false memories, which Pavlos, you seem to have summed pretty well.

    So based on your replies, it appears to me more likely that the kind of memory storing we already use, like with the mountain biker and the GoPro camera, will continue to be the way we upload and replay memories. In which case, in the future, i guess it is this sort of technology that will advanced further. For instance, we already have Google Glass, and there is the virtual reality technology like the Oculus Rift, so it is entirely possible that these sort of technologies could be combined or use in conjunction, to record, upload, and playback memories as realistically as possible.

    As I don't have an exact time frame for my film idea as of yet, and it could be set 50 years plus from now, this kind of technology may have advanced a great deal, along with potential advancements in brain mapping and nano technology (this is my mind racing away with ideas), I feel as though I am beginning to get a better idea of the direction of where my film could go. I should also mention that by doing this research I am not necessarily striving to portray the future as accurately as possible, rather I am looking to get a better idea of what direction science and technology will be leaning towards in the near future, and create and interesting idea from there.

    Thanks again for your replies, I feel as though I now have a better idea of where I am going with this.

    Please feel free to post more of your thoughts on this, as I would love to hear what you've got to say.


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    This would make an interesting film and concept is similar to the movie Transcendence with Johnny Depp.
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