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Thread: about GRE and minimum requirements to get into top universities, of US .

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    i am an ENGINEERING student [my subject- INFORMATION SCIENCE AND ENGINEERING or somewhat equivalent to computer science]. i got 8.3 (out of 10) in my 10th class and 5.5 (out of 10) in my +2 or 12th class . According to some rules of our university i wasted a year of my engineering (in my first year... failed in some subjects) and again i made a FRESH START. Now i am in my second year and i am having some good scores and even 100 % marks too(math subjects of some semester and physics in my 1 semester) . MY QUESTION IS-

    1) A year was wasted and again made fresh start in my engineering career. Do you think i am eligible to have a MS degree(in any branches of physics) in the top universities like MIT,CALTECH,STANFORD ( if i have a required GRE and TOEFL scores) ?

    2) is it possible to have a MASTERS DEGREE in physics (in any parts of quantum physics especially) if my bachelors degree was nothing to do with 'PHYSICS' [we had physics only in our 1st semester and math for 2 years] ?

    or if not possible(2)

    2) Or is it possible to have a MS degree in COMPUTER SCIENCE in universities like MIT,Caltech etc.. (if i have the required GRE and TOEFL scores) though i wasted a year in my engineering carer and some less scores in my +2 ?

    final question important one -3) Is there any kind of cut-off marks for bachelors degree or to +2 or 10th schooling, to have admissions into the top universities for a MS degree in US(if i have the required the cut-off scores in GRE and TOEFL) ?

    it would be really grateful, if all of the questions are answered !

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