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Thread: Help Me Solve This Heat transfer and thermodynamics Questions Please

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    I have some study questions which i may like u good people to help me solve. i will be writing an exams on it nest week monday.
    They are question from Heat Transfer and Thermodynamics Respectively. i will be happy if every one will just solve one for me cos i have a lot to cover on other areas and the study questions are likely to reflect in the exams.

    1. Show that Cp-Cv=R where R=Universal gas constant.
    2. Show that for an ideal gas undergoing an adiabatic process, PVr=a constant, where r =Cp/Cv
    3. Compute the entropy change of a system consisting of 1.00kg of ice at 0oC which melts (reversibly) to water at thesame temperature. The latent heat of melting is
    4. What factors reduce the efficiency of heat engine from its idea value?
    5. An ideal has engine operates in a Carnot cycle between 227 and 1270C. it absorbs 6.0 x 104 cal at the higher temperature. How much work percycle is this engine capable of performing?
    6. In a mechanical refrigerator, the low-temperature coils are at a temperature of -130C, and the compressed gas in the condenser has a temperature of 270C. What is the theoretical coefficient of performance?
    7. In a heat pump, heat from the outdoors at -50C is transfered to a room at 170C, energy being supplied by an electric motor. How many joules of heat will be delivered to the room for each joule of electric energy consumed, ideally?
    8. At atmospheric pressure, 1.00g of water having a volume of 1.00cm3 becomes 1671cm3 of steam when boiled. The heat of vaporization of water is 539cal/gm at 1atm. Calculate; a. The amount of heat added to the system from the environment b. The work done by the system on the environment. c. The internal energy change of the system.
    9. Find the internal energy of a system during each of the following processes; a. A system aabsorbs 500cal of heat and at the same time does 400j of works. b. A system absorbs 300cal and at thesame time 420j of work is done on it. c. 1200 cal is removed from a gas held at constant volume, give your answer in kilojoules
    10. The Specific heat of water is 4184j/kgK. By how many joules does the internal energy of 50g of water change as it is heated from 210C to 370C? Assume that the exapansion of the water is negligible.
    11. In a certain process, 8.00Kcal of heat is furnished to the system while the system does 6.00kj of work. by how much does the internal energy of the system change during the process?
    12. Two Metal plates of same area A=80cm3 are soldered together. their thickness are L1 = L2 =3.00mm, T1 = 1000C, T2 = 00C. Where their thermal conductivity are K1 = 48.1 W/m.K T and k2 = 68.2 W/m.K . Find the heat flow rate through the plates and the temperature T of the soldered junction.

    Please help your brother ooo.

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