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Thread: How to ask, by a digital native.

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    Some thoughts I wanted to get down.

    Where to ask what sorts of questions.

    Q: Example Question
    A: Some sources I think would be good to find the answer.

    Q: The most expensive way to fill a size 11 shoebox (e.g. with 64 GB MicroSD cards all full of legally purchased music)?
    A: What If XKCD, Stack Exchange.

    Q: What films feature both accountants and vampires?
    A: IMDB (Internet movie database) advanced search.

    Q: Who has once lived in England, is either one of my friends or one of their friends, and likes both chocolate and sport?
    A: Facebook advanced search.

    Q: What books, films, graphic novels, music etc... feature elderly, clumsy villains.
    Q: Show me a list of types of plot twists that often occur in said types of media.
    A: TV Tropes.

    Q: How much money did the government in England spend on roadworks last year?

    Q: I don't mind having to put effort into forming my question and then having to defend it, but need people with PHDs in the relevant subjects to agree on a reliable answer in the next few mins.
    A: Stack Exchange.

    Q: What proportion of the moon would fit inside a hollowed out elephant?
    Q: Rearrange this equation.
    Q: I have these letters in scrabble?
    A: Wolfram Alpha

    Q: What streets to avoid for the riot happening right now in London?
    Q: I have a question that many different groups may need to see and don't know who to direct it to.
    Q: I need this famous person, or there 'people' to answer my question personally, and everyone interested to see the answer.
    A: Twitter

    Q: How do I get from CB2 000 to Regent Street in Letchworth by the most efficient combination of public transport?
    A: Google Maps

    Q: I need to read books that contain the terms "Mice and Men" and "Literary Reviews".
    A: Google Books

    Q: When was "Christmas Pudding" most popular?
    A: On the web - Google Trends. Before the web - Google books Trends.

    Q: For a range of people, what are the experiences, risks and benefits of taking this?
    A: Errowid, Drugs Forum

    Q: Whats societies meet in Cambridge today?
    A: Meetup

    Q: Most exported commodities from Italy?
    A: CIA World Fact Book (good, not biased)

    Q: I need libertarians opinions.
    A: Bitcoin Forums.

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    Odd, I don't see there at all.

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    Sorry, I'm still fairly new here. It may well go in.
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