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Thread: a conference paper and a journal paper

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    Whatís the difference between a conference paper and a journal paper? Could someone tell me if I can submit my published conference paper as a journal paper? Is that OK? I canít make decisions. Please give me some advice.

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    Generally conference papers are less rigorously peer reviewed (as long as the conference organiser is happy that's enough) and are often works in progress. Journal papers are generally longer, a completed, self-contained piece of work and undergo more stages of review before acceptance. If it is a good conference paper submit it to a journal but be prepared to accept more work may be needed before it is accepted...

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    Yes, you can. It’s totally different things. A conference paper is not the same as a journal paper. But I suggest that you update some contents of your conference paper. Then you can find a publisher to do the journal paper publication for you .
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