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Thread: Robin Williams tributes welcomed

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    Add your own tribute, quote, photo, humor or what you may find ...

    A couple of things from the internet


    "Sad he felt the need to go" ... yes, a good way of describing it. Very sad.

    Robin Williams and Christopher Reeve (The Original Superman) were roommates at Juilliard where they studied drama and became lifelong friends.

    Even before either had made it big in show business, they vowed that whoever did exceptionally well would be obligated to help the less fortunate one.

    As things turned out, however, both had extremely successful careers.

    But in the wake of Reeve's crippling 1995 riding accident, Williams vowed to pick up whatever hospital costs Reeve's insurance didn't cover.

    Eventually Williams also became deeply involved with Reeve's foundation, The Christopher Reeve Paralysis Foundation (CRPF).

    Williams was always by Christopher's side throughout his incredible struggle with quadriplegia, even to the very end.

    Before I learned all of this, I always thought of Robin Williams as an incredible actor, but now he's become even more than that in my eyes. He was a wonderful human being and a true friend.


    Wow, something I never knew about Robin Williams.

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    There are lots of anecdotes about him all over. They are all good. I feel in a way that he was so approachable that we can find a lesson in all of this even if it is hard to put to words.

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    I grew up watching the works of Robin Williams. This one in particular had a big impact in my choice to study engineering.
    May he rest in peace.

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