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Thread: Game or science? Have a look.

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    I became aware today that there are websites dedicated to getting members of the general public to help analyze scientific data. These are to some degree organized as puzzles or games. I spend a large chunk of my free time playing computer games, I kind of like the idea that I can accomplish something useful in the process.

    I have mostly been looking at this site: . I have found the "asteroid zoo" part particularly interesting, this gives you sequences starfield images captured by actual telescopes, and has you look for the faint moving dots that indicate asteroids. The astronomy section of this site is most interesting to me, but there are other sections involving biology and climate data.

    This site is also apparently quite popular, and a bit more "game" oriented, but I haven't really looked at it in detail: Solve Puzzles for Science | Foldit

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    Happy Birthday Galaxy Zoo

    Be creative and build extraordinary tiny machines!

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