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Thread: (Just for fun) If you could have mastery over one of the four fundamental forces, which would you choose as your superpower?

  1. #1 (Just for fun) If you could have mastery over one of the four fundamental forces, which would you choose as your superpower? 
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    This is just a kind of dilemma I thought up when considering how superpowers could be defined by physical forces - it's NOT TO BE TAKEN SERIOUSLY, so no complaining about how these powers would work or about where the energy comes from.

    Strong Force
    You can release the atomic bound, split the atom and essentially harness the destructive power of an atomic bomb. If you ever fantasied about being the ultimate supervillain, this is the power for you.

    Weak Force
    By changing protons into neutrons or neutrons into protons you can change one type of matter into another. You could be a famous alchemist and turn lead into gold, or a notorious criminal, breaking out of prison by turning the bars into ash.

    Basically you're a cross between Electro and Magneto, with the additional power of generating electromagnetic pulses to disable mechanisms, even to a worldwide degree if you want to go down the supervillain route.

    Either weaken gravity to enable yourself to jump to supreme heights, or strengthen it to crush your enemies.

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    Interest with weak, then we will never lack of limited resources again

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    MODERATOR NOTE : I am moving this to General Discussions, where I think this is better suited.
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