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Thread: The half-life of neutrinos

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    I am a retired engineer who now takes an amateur interest in quantum physics.

    In following the current research on neutrinos, something puzzles me greatly and I have not been able to track down any information on it.

    Neutrinos are produced in vast numbers in stars. However, since they carry no charge, they only interact with other matter through the weak interaction and that very rarely. Consequently, although there are huge fluxes of neutrinos passing through us all the time, they are extemely difficult to detect.

    In any other branch of physics this would be classed as a transient situation. Since very few neutrinos are being removed from the total population, this total population must be growing towards a level where the number of neutrinos removed from the population equals the number of new ones being created. Yet, apparently, during 13.5 billion years such an equilibrium has not been reached - and, apparently, is a very long way from being reached.

    This just doesn't make sense. Neutrinos must be being mopped up somewhere and fairly rapidly - half life of less than a year perhaps?

    But how are they being mopped up without violating parity laws? After all they were originally postulated to preserve parity.

    Bill Smith

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