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Thread: Atheists say the darndest things

  1. #1 Atheists say the darndest things 
    Now, to be completely fair, I create this thread to parallel my prior one (fundies say the darndest things). Now we all know it takes all stupid people to make the world, and atheists are definitely some of those stupid people (although given the lesser population, those stupid-atheists are harder to find).

    So, for all of you theists (atheists like myself too, as I'm sure we've all seen stupid statements) who probably want to eat me for the other thread, you can post utterly stupid statements you've seen atheists say here. Although, given how most theists are (from my past history of debating with them), I expect a lot of supposed "stupid statements" to be statements that were perfectly defended.

    So, kindly, post stupid statements. Not statements that were backed by facts.

    I have one right off the bat: "I hate god, so I became an atheist" - I forgot who exactly said this, but I died laughing after I heard that.

    EDIT2: Also, you may also post links of claims that were never backed up, and are completely idiotic. I'm quite sure that there are atheistic websites like this, as there are many theist ones like this as well. Simply put, lets all share our experiences and accounts with stupid claims/websites/people (but do not ad-hom them, ad-hom their arguments).

    Also, again, this is for fairness. Do not post something another person on this forum has said, as that will only provoke an ad-hominem war. Thank you for reading.

    EDIT: Thanks to Megabrains fascism, my prior thread "fundies say the darndest things" was removed without the prospect of negotiation or proper reason. Thus, you wont be able to find it for now. Stand by until it's back (after negotiations take place).

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    Psh, alright I know how hard it is to find a website chocked full of biology/evolution/etc misinformation, but this is a joke. Not one person apparently knows of one. Fine, I'll start with a website ... shit, I can't seem to locate one. I can find insanely BIASED websites, sure, but I can't find one full of stupid statements. >.> this thread was kinda pointless...

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    "Although I am atheist, I have always believed in witchcraft." -- an Internet user

    pseudo's comment: And after you made fun of Christians for believing in miracles... I think witchcraft is a miracle of a sort. I also think atheists became atheists because they believe that everything has some scientific explanation behind it. There is nothing scientific about witchcraft, which makes you one strange atheist.

    Edit: Link to a relevant article deleted for privacy reason. Sorry if you missed it. It was highly amusing (in a sad way).

    Edit #2: I doubt you will find actual websites. Atheists who would bother to create a website have probably thought about their reasons. Try looking through blogs or forums. Those are where the good stuff is.

    ...and my grammar at night really sucks.

    Edit #3: A couple more statements that I personally find amusing:

    "I would like to know if any of u know where I could find proof against creation"

    pseudo's comment: If you don't know any proof against creation at all, then why the hell are you an atheist? Blind atheism is so much worse than blind faith. The latter at least has an all-purpose Bible to rely on...

    "I think we as atheists can celebrate [Christmas] in a non-religious way"

    pseudo's comment: This is just funny because it was not meant to be satirical.
    "Let's all be friends!" -- Barney (the dinosaur)

    I'm ashamed of your public display of ignorance.
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    I know a few more:

    "We evolved from apes" (no joke, some actually were taught evolution by creationists, then became an evolutionist based on what creationists taught them... :? )

    "LOL I can disprove creation! WHEREZ UR GOD NOW?!" - This one I believe I heard in IRC, but I think it was more of a joke than a serious comment...

    EDIT: I also have one that's not so much stupid as an oxymoron: "Thank god I'm an atheist" (I've said this myself on occasion when faced with insane blatant stupidity)
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    Bigotry and hatred would, for the most part, be extinct in just a few short generations IF we outlawed religion. Unfortunately this filthy disease has managed to worm its way into the general population and even to the heights of government.

    Take arms brothers and sisters.
    Unite in our struggle against these criminal retards.
    Burn a church, kill a priest, slay the faithful til the streets are swept clean.
    For until we exterminate these scumbags and filthmerchants our children, our freedom and our way of life will ALWAYS be at risk!

    This young man is just one example of an ever increasing trend towards fundementalism.
    He will be hung up on a hook and have his skin removed with toothpicks if I am ever elected grand chieftan of all things commonsense.

    These times of 'my imaginary friend has a bigger dick than your imaginary friend' will NEVER end if we stand by and do nothing.

    Let us rejoice in the death of religion. Let us warm ourselves by the firelight of churches, SINagogues and mosques. Shout out in joy as to drown out the cries of pain from the religious right.

    Fight fire with fire. Destroying fundementalism will take fundementalism of a more extreme nature. Kill the unborn of the religious right and live in a happier healthier tomorrow.
    I hope the irony here was intentional.
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    Aw for a second I thought he was back.
    "If you wish to make an apple pie from scratch, you must first invent the universe". - Carl Sagan
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    I live in Bertrand Russells teapot!
    Quote Originally Posted by 425 Chaotic Requisition
    Aw for a second I thought he was back.

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    Jeremy didn't even think he was God.
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