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Thread: A silly question might invite a silly answer..

  1. #1 A silly question might invite a silly answer.. 
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    Please explain to me how this happens.. I do not see how this works..
    We have a 'My-Sky' decoder for our TV feed live from the Sky dish antenna.. From a Optus1/4 satellite.
    It's how it works in NZ..
    While some 20 mins into a program, Adeline (wife) asks me to record this as she wants to see it later.. and watch some other now.. and I press the R key.. recording begins.. some hours later she brings up programs.. and hits Play..
    The Whole Program is there.. even the twenty mins we saw and did not record.. How does it get the whole program..
    Onto it's hard drive..?
    We have done this a few times and it's concerning as we know the Tardis is not here...

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    Our AT&T U-verse does the same thing. I'm assuming the programs are stored temporarily on a server until they have run completely. So when you hit record, it just pulls the data off the server before proceeding to record live TV. We can also rewind programs.

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