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    Hi all!. I intend to enter a prestigious and nationwide science competition next year, and wish to use the summer to start my research before I head back to school. This project or hypothesis has to be completely orginal, and whilst I have never quite conducted such a thing before, I have a strong interest in science, and intend to study medicine when I graduate school. Thus, I was wondering if anyone had any tips or ideas I could bounce off of as I'm sure there is great scientific minds here!.

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    There are many people here who would be glad to help you but as you say "This project or hypothesis has to be completely original" so you need to do a little work first. Draw up a short list of areas you are interested in and a hypothesis or two for each, if you post them here people who are knowledgeable in those areas will offer help and advice as to the viability of them and how easy they would be to test and offer guidance into the background reading you may need.

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