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Thread: Earth rock fell on truck

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    This is what happened. I came home last night around midnight right after a bad storm. My road is a long dirt road with trees hanging over it so I had to stop to pick up limbs that fell in the storm. While moving a limb I heard a loud bang on my truck. When I turned around to see there was small rock sitting dead center on the hood. There was sand around the rock where it landed. This is a local rock so no meteorite. Also it appears to have landed straight down because the rock did not bounce or slide after hitting the hood like would have happened if someone had thrown this rock. Just the rock with a little sand around it. The size of the rock is about one inch x 3/4 inch and about 1/4 inch thick. I'm thinking this rock was placed on a limb over the truck by a squirrel or bird but this still seems weird. Any ideas?

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    Maybe it tried to commit suicide by jumping off an airplane?

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    Given that tornadoes can move buildings and vehicles, it is entirely possible that the small rock was deposited on the tree by somewhat less turbulent weather and at some point, eventually succumbed to gravity once more, falling onto your truck. Birds and small mammals do participate in some unusual behavior as well so that is also a possibility.
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