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Thread: Relativity Paradox, Train and Tunnel with a twist.

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    Hi. I am working on creating my own version of the train paradox. I want verify my line of thinking and make sure I am not violating any relativity principles.

    In this paradox there is a train that is much longer than a tunnel which it is about to travel through. The train is moving at 0.8c, this is just fast enough for the train to completely fit into the tunnel and therefore disappear for a brief moment in time for an observer standing outside of the tunnel. (I am assuming a very special case where the observer has a vantage point where they can see the entrance and the exit of the tunnel from their vantage point) Relative to the conductor at the front of the train, the tunnel appears to be much shorter than the train, and therefore the train will always be sticking out of the tunnel.

    My version of the paradox is that for the brief moment that the train disappears into the tunnel relative to the observer standing outside of the tunnel, the conductor at the front of the train will have begun to exit the tunnel and is able to see the observer, while the observer is not able to see the conductor because relative to the observer, the train is still completely in the tunnel.

    Any insight into the validity of my version would be greatly appreciated.


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