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Thread: Earths Spheres of the earth systen and Anthropogenic effects

  1. #1 Earths Spheres of the earth systen and Anthropogenic effects 
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    Hello everyone, posting this thread to see if someone with knowledge on earths spheres ("lithosphere" (land), "hydrosphere" (water), "biosphere" (living things), and "atmosphere" (air) and the idea of anthropocene can help inform me on how they have an inter-relationship

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    Do you happen to have any more detail on the question? It's extremely broad.

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    this is the question i was given (Explain the “Inter relationships Between all of the Sphere
    of the Earth System and Associated Anthropogenic
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    It is about the effect of humans.
    We have changed the composition of the atmosphere.
    This incudes everything from increasing CO2 levels to ozone depletion
    We have transported plants and animals across oceans while at the same time reducing species diversity.
    We have caused, through domestication, a large difference in the types of plants and animals that exist.
    We have changed the surface of the earth through mining, construction and other activities like farming.
    We have managed to change the actual trace elements in the current surface layer to the degree it will be as noticable as almost any of the volcanic ash layers.
    This includes a change in the carbon concentrations and increased radioactivity.
    We have changed the ocean chemistry as well as the species balances.
    We introduced plastics into the record.

    The connection is the changes that are a result of human activities in each area of study.
    You should be able to find examples on your own if you need to
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