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    America's brand of consumerism culture (i.e., Burger King, Facebook, etc.) creates a new type of society warlock: the fortune daredevil.

    This proverbial American Psycho is someone who tests the waters of ambition unpredictability and society etiquette angst.

    When the American software titan Bill Gates of Microsoft began rising to fame and fortune, many gossiped that his newfound success granted him great social powers and social esteem and made him an irresistible male. He perhaps was an American Psycho, eager to redefine standard notions of capitalism euphoria.

    Perhaps other likened American characters such as Don King, Hugh Hefner, and David Duke can be considered media-catapulted American Psychos in the same vein.

    The idea that America's form of venture-orientation culture coordination can crystallize a special form of daredevil or society warlock (the American Psycho) should illuminate the modern psychological intrigue associated with relevant goal-angst Hollywood (USA) movies such as "American Psycho" (2000) and "The Aviator" (2004).

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    Someone's stopped taking their meds.

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    Yeah, it's "nutcase film blog" time again...
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