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    hi everyone I'm new to the forum but struggling with some physics homework for uni. I just cant get my head around this problem and was hoping that someone could help me here, this is the problem:

    A creative physicist, bored with casting the line all the time, has come up with a new way of fishing. They attach a short fishing line and float to a remote control boat. The boat has a mass of 4889g and the engine and propeller can produce 45N of thrust. They place the boat on a calm lake (no current or wind) and send it 80m due east from where they are “fishing” before stopping it. Moments later, a large 4kg fish takes the bait! The fishing physicist immediately turns the boat due west towards shore and applies full throttle (45N). At the same moment, the fish starts swimming south with a force of 40N. Two seconds later the fish then swims due east at 20N and continues to do so until the boat hits the shore. How long did it take the boat to reach the shore and how far away from the fishing physicist did it land?

    Can anyone help me please, its driving me insane???


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