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Thread: Homework questions on heat

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    I'm stuck on my homework and if anyone knows the answers to these questions, help would be really appreciated! First, how does heat become electromagnetic waves and EM waves become heat? Also, in things like heat engines and such when heat is used to make work, does that makes the gas/liquid/solid colder, or is there still the same amount of heat in the area around the machine? If it got colder, wouldn't that go against the second law of thermodynamics?
    Thank you!

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    Hey there , perhaps this may help you with your homework, try looking up on Wiki how microwave ovens work. I think if you read about this it will really help you in understanding and answering your first question. With regard to your second question you may wish to read about what happens inside engines or even fridges where the heat is being extracted, just a little of reading and you'll be fully able to complete your homework and have a good understanding what it is referring to. Anyway the best of luck!

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