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    we all know about emotional and physical pain being that bad that it needs to be less...

    but we do not all know about the urgency of the pain that needs to be less...

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    You're going to have to clarify your point or turn it into a question. I donth know how to respond to it.

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    When it's bad enough ...

    ... it's also urgent enough to need to be less.

    Right now I'm presuming that this is just an abstract speculation on your part. For those of us who've had pain at 9, 10 (or seems like more) on the 1 to 10 scale medical folks are so fond of, bad and urgent are indistinguishable.
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    If you have a small cut on your finger there is little pain and you can care for that yourself When you put a gash in your leg and are bleeding profusly you are in much pain and should go to the hospital.

    Depending upon how much pain you feel about emotional issues you can either talk them over with family or friends you trust or go see a profesional therapist that deals with that sort of thing.
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