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Thread: It's Effin Science

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    I caught an episode of "Its Effin Science" on cable yesterday, and was frankly appalled.

    The episode theme was methods of cracking safes. As I tuned in, the presenters were preparing a tub of liquid nitrogen to dunk a safe in, after chilling, they whacked the safe with what looked like a fireman's tool of some sort and smashed it to pieces. Clearly the experiment was successful as the safe would not have suffered significant damage if it hadn't been superchilled before beating on it.

    The appalling part was the cavalier way these people handled liquid nitrogen. They poured several large containers, they looked like multiple gallon capacity each, right into a tub, with no goggles, gloves, or any safety equipment whatsoever. One drop of splash and these guys could easily have lost an eye.

    A few minutes later a presenter placed a dynamite charge under a similar safe with a "light the fuse and run" maneuver that looked straight out of a roadrunner cartoon. The voiceover commented this was actual dynamite made of nitroglycerin soaked into a porous material, not a safer modern equivalent. During the instant replay, the presenters laughed and pointed out that a large chunk of flying safe only missed taking the presenter's head off by a few feet.

    This show advertises itself as "creating and demonstrating experiments that the everyday person could attempt themselves". The invitation to viewers to risk life and limb duplicating these insanely dangerous stunts boggles my mind.

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    Quote Originally Posted by danhanegan View Post
    This show advertises itself as "creating and demonstrating experiments that the everyday person could attempt themselves".
    I can't see at all what your complaint is.
    We should be producing more of this sort of TV programme.
    It's can only result in a general rise of IQ in the survivors population.

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    Maybe they should rename it "It's effing stupid".
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    Well, any normal person would be able to pour liquid nitrogen into a tub and dunk a safe in it, then fish it out using some tools afterwards. It's not impossible. It's just not safe. Anyone with a brain would know better than to do such a dangerous act. As for those who do it without regard for their safety, they sort of deserve what comes.
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