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    I saw this YouTube video on the Cheezburger network and found it quite entertaining.

    It's about how we should try to disprove our ideas instead of trying to verify them, in order to reach a conclusion sooner. Using numbers.

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    Got it at about 1:18.
    The sneaky bugger.

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    That was interesting.
    I read Taleb's book The Black Swan which the fellow in the video mentioned. It was interesting too.

    Unfortunately it has caused me some confused conversations when the other person thought I was talking about the Black Swan Problem instead of the Black Swan theory, which isn't really a theory at all IMHO.
    The black swan problem relates to falsifiability, like this video does. It is a fairly old concept in science.

    Black swan theory relates to trying to predict the occurence of major events that are unpredictable by their very nature and capitalizing on them.
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