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Thread: Earth System Questions! Please Help!

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    I have two questions which I am not sure how to answer and I was hoping someone could help me.

    the first question is : Why are industrially produced CFC's entirely absent in some regions of the oceans?

    I believe the answer to this is because there is more mixing between the atmosphere and the oceans at different parts of the globe. For instance more mixing in the tropics but less in the pole but I am not sure this is right.

    The second questions is:
    Why is it that when equipment is abandoned on a continental ice sheet it is eventually buried by snow, but when equipment is buried on an ice floe remains accessible as long as the floe remains intact?

    I would really appreciate any help I could get!

    Thank you,

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    You are reading the "Atmospheric Science: An Introductory Survey" textbook. I am not familiar with it but the answers should be in the text.
    Asking here might get you the wrong answer for the textbook question even if the answer is technically correct in the real world, so be careful.

    It is possible the CFC concentrations being lower or nonexistent in some areas is because deep ocean water that has been isolated from atmospheric contamination are welling up there.
    The North Pacific has a deep layer which is isolated like that but wells up in a few places like off the west coast of North America.

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