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Thread: using lorrenz force to produce rotating mechanism

  1. #1 using lorrenz force to produce rotating mechanism 
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    lorrenz foce is something when two current carrying conductors + and negative connected by a movable condutor designed like (H) due to the magnetic field produced by the current carrying conductors produce force on the movable link connecting the conductors so in the same way in an reciprocating engine cylinder can be replaced by an ceramic super conductors and the piston can be replaced by an superconducting armature which can move linearly like a piston instead of a combustion we use the lorrenz force on the armature...............and so on if someone is interested please tell me will this model work?

    1. very high speeds
    2. runs on electricity

    1. large amonunt of current
    2. highly exothermic
    3. highly complex
    4. desighning cost very high

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    Any sort of electric motor uses the Lorentz force. I'm not sure what advantages your electric motor design would have. Superconduction is great, but requires very low temperatures which makes it hard to use in practice.

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