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Thread: Sci/fi with a submersible

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    Hi guys!

    I write pretty tense stuff and strive for accuracy. Nothing worse than losing tension due to an implausible moment!

    The issue now involves current technology's use of a marine submersible. I need it's occupants to sustain a leak at approximately 2200 meters and be able to survive and surface. Is that plausible? This is a leak not breach. What would the physical effects be?

    Prior to this, in the 60's, I have another couple going to the same depth in the Beebe & Barton' bathysphere that was on exhibition at the New York Aquarium on Coney Island. They strike a shipwreck and also experience a leak that requires rapid extraction without depressurizing. One dies and the other has a massive stroke leaving her an invalid the rest of her life. Would that be plausible?

    Thank you so much, I appreciate your input!


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    That's seven times the greatest scuba dive depth, the only dive type likely relevant for your scenario. This is not my field of expertise, but complexities of decompression alone appear to rule this out as a plausible event. The only solutiion I can see is to somehow use a portion of the vessel that could support them at or near atmospheric pressure. That suggests an escape pod and that removes the excitement.

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    Thanks John!
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