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Thread: Hypothetically speaking, could Oxygen combine with GABA (gamma-aminobutyric acid) in unstable Hydroxyl form?

  1. #1 Hypothetically speaking, could Oxygen combine with GABA (gamma-aminobutyric acid) in unstable Hydroxyl form? 
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    Just as oxygen sticks to blood?

    I know that Hydroxyl is present in space from comet tails, and the Hydrogen in that is solid and the oxygen is a gas.

    GABA has also got repulsion polarity magnetism on one side, which would make it positive on the other side, which could in turn attract paramagnetic Oxygen.

    Adding one oxygen atom on the positive side of GABA would make the total number 17 which is the number of the other side.

    During Abiotic stress in plants, the plant releases a lot of GABA.

    In the Brain GABA goes from neuron to glion to neuron and is generally transported around.

    I feel like I'm missing some sort of technical term which disproves the possibility of this idea, I was just hoping you could shed some light on this for me.

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    I'm sorry but your whole post is so confused and filled with misunderstandings I don't know where to start to try and help you, so I'll just say "No".

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    I have devised an experiment which would involve electrolysis on water to break down H20 into H2 and O, Pound a pure GABA tablet into powder, it would involve weighing this powder on digital precise weighing scales, then I would pour the GABA powder into the test tube with O, leave it there for about five minutes to let it dry off from the minuscule moisture of the bubbles enclosing the O, then weigh the GABA powder again to see if the GABA weighs more, and if it weighs more then I think that would mean that the Oxygen has combined.

    In total this experiment would cost me around 50

    Two test tubes
    Precise digital weighing scales
    Two pins
    Baking soda
    and some sort of Genie lamp type shape which would transport the powder with 100% efficiency

    I do feel in my self that Oxygen does not combine with GABA, but I can not find a reason which makes this impossible, as much as I have tried, can anyone help me?

    PhDemon's contribution is a great start as It shows me I'm not alone in thinking this is wrong.
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    Molecular bonding of chemicals H2 and O are well tested and understood across the science community. This experiment, or test you talk of is nothing that has not been well tested. Yes, Blood caries oxygen but not by chemical bonding.. Free oxygen and hydrogen are perfectly stable in this environment.. I have re-read your posts and... What are you talking about ? I suggest you study 'Chemistry'...
    I can however state that your tablet ( dry ) might gain mass not by chemical bonding but by absorption of moisture.. H20 is not hydrogen or Oxygen. It is water. I call what you seem to not grasp as humidity.
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