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Thread: How much do you know about Chinese Spring Festival?

  1. #1 How much do you know about Chinese Spring Festival? 
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    China has the traditional festival of the Lunar New Year, or we can call it The Spring Festival.
    I just come to work from this holiday.
    And how much do you know about The Spring Festival?

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    Unfortunately, I do not know anything about it.
    Feel free to explain some of it, I am confident that it will be interesting.

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    Resident of Big Island of Hawai'i since 2003, and Mainland relocated to the Bay Area.
    We celebrated last Friday....January 31st was this years, "Chinese New Year".

    Year of the Horse in Chinese Zodiac: Horoscopes, Strengths

    Chinese Spring Festival, 2014 Lunar New Year Traditions and Activities

    It is a huge Buddhist festival the Temple in Kapau'a.

    My "flower" guys are caretakers of the temple and watching the festivities is an education to a culture I was not familiar to.

    The Dragon came to the hotel this year also and danced for the New Year......

    The Dance is ancient and awesome to observe.

    Hope this helps with some information for you, HappyMandy.

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