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Thread: 'plastic' glass/mirror causing vinyl to melt by reflectance

  1. #1 'plastic' glass/mirror causing vinyl to melt by reflectance 
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    Dear all,

    My parents rented a campervan to travel through New Zealand. On a hot day whilst sitting outside they went inside again and discoverd a spot on the vinyl floor burning/melting and got quite a fright. There was smoke as well, but because of all the doors being open the smoke detector did not go off.
    There was a 'plastic' mirror attached on the bathroom door all ribbled etc and the sun was shining on there and reflecting causing this to happen.
    Luckly no major accidents happened. The company of the campervan beleive this is not possible due plastic mirrors and are blaiming them for the damage/costs.
    Could somebody give me some more scientific advice please?


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