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    The WSJ published an article (2/5/2014) describing a 500,000 pound custom built transformer used by PG & E in a substation. Such transformers are reported to take months or years to build.
    Multiple smaller transformers can not be combined, because they would tend to fight one another.

    IDEA: Connect two small transformers via an auto-transformer. A center tap would output the average of the two units but power output would be limited to twice the power
    output of the unit with the higher output. If there are multiple taps on the auto-transformer, the voltage output would not be exactly the average, but power output can
    can be maximized. Each auto-transformer can connect via another auto-transformer to additional units as if it were a single (larger capacity) transformer. This facilitates scaling of capacity.
    If one unit of a pair in an array were to fail, the remaining units connection with the array would have to be balanced using taps on the auto-transformer.

    Advantage: Faster to build. Can be shipped in several "small" parts (common transport vs specialized shipment). Components can be replaced.
    Total cost reduction because the cost of many small parts will be less than the premium paid for the one large unit.

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