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Thread: Research experiment: 'Sugar Crash'

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    Hi Guys,

    we are Baue and Luuk and we are investigating the so called 'Sugar Crash' and the responsiveness after that. But we need to do a small experiment to get some results and we need your help!

    What this is:

    The Sugar crash is a feeling after consuming to much sugar, you mostly feel a bit tired and your responsiveness will be less accurate.
    After consuming sugar you experience a stadium of your blood sugar called hyperglycemia, the amount of sugar in your blood will rise and after that the body will break down the sugar. The drop of the amount of sugar will cause a stadium called hypoglycemia. What we want do research is if that stadium of 'hypoglycemia' will cause a reaction time that is lower, than when you just have consumed a lot of sugar.


    We would really appreciate your participation!
    Thanks a lot already!

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