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    Why do you think a eight energy level exists?Will this change how electron configuration works?Would this need another subshell?How many more elements would this allow for?How do electrons behave in subshells?How did the subshells get there names?

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    If stable atoms can be made with enough protons the 8th energy level will be filled (the orbitals in this shell are a valid solution to the Schrodinger equation it's just that the atoms they correspond to are too large to be stable).

    It will not change how electronic configuration works it is a logical extension of it following the Aufbau principle and the Madelung rule

    The number of electrons that can fit in an electron shell (and hence the number of new elements is could accommodate is given by 2n2.

    I'm not sure what you mean by "How do electrons behave in subshells?" Can you clarify your question.

    The basic subshells got there names from (obscure and outdated) references to early spectroscopy as the spectroscopic signatures of transitions of electrons in these orbitals had certain characteristics:

    s : Sharp
    p : Principle
    d : Diffuse
    f : Fundamental.

    For higher subshells they are labelled alphabetically starting at f (i.e. moving to g, h, i).

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