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Thread: The new function and terminus of Darwin’s theory

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    Happy New Year every one!

    A new article has published: “The new function and terminus of Darwin’s theory”.

    The article firstly indicated: The scientific facts are leading Darwin’s theory toward the Bible. The direction Darwin’s theory pointed out to people is just another pathway to the interpretation of the Bible. That is very different from the traditional “theology” that interpretations of the Bible only with the “spirit”, Darwin’s system has been using “material” exhibition of the part of the Bible was shown by God. That is the terminus of Darwin’s theory.

    See the article in:

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    Do you know of any scientists who say they discover new theries by looking for clues in the bible?

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    This was originally posted in religion - Darwin is a scientific theory, and not yet a fully fledged religion [even among scientists].

    If the original poster is unhappy with this this decision please PM me or another moderator.

    If this descends into an evolution V creation [for which there is already a thread it will be locked].
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