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    Dear Community,

    I do not have a science back ground, but it seems obvious to me that in relation to computing and Holographic Universes , there is a simple explanation.
    If you build a super computer that can eventually become conscious, it will eventually want to know where it came from, its origins , therefore we are playing out its request to find out where it came from
    The super computer will in effect systematically create every possibility and run them over and over again to try to discover its place in the system so to speak.

    If you could roll time on billions of years, our intelligence multiplying and our reliance on the physical would less dependant, you would no longer need limbs , your consciousness could survive without the biological constraints. If this was the case then eventually
    the super intelligence would by virtue of the ability to travel in time without physical restrictions, try to find out its origins and would play out all possibilities looking for this answer. If the answer is found then the game ends, but if it gets stuck in a loop, it will never find the answer
    and will continue searching .

    Conclusion, our conscious mind in the future is looking for Us!!!!

    This would answer why there is no supreme designer, its us!! we are looking for consciousness where did that come from.? The origin of consciousness ?
    Our future intelligent consciousness is creating holographic universes in every scenario in order to find the answer to this question

    If you were to build a computer of such complexity that it was now able to make conscious decisions, it would not be long before it asked its self where it came from and in order to answer this question would run all possible simulations.
    By not restricting the players within each simulation you would discover the truth. Thats why we have free will.

    This would also explain why nearly all advancements in science has been written about in the past before actual physical realisation. We already know they are possible. Like teleportation , you can teleport a consciouses, but not a physical object, and heres the question if our consciousness can create all what we know , its everywhere already, why would it need to travel.!!!

    What future science is looking for is itself!

    Any thoughts on this

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    The trouble is, your "simple" explanation, while imaginative, is built on a whole load of guesses and assumptions which are themselves no explained. As such it isn't really an explanation of anything.

    For example, you assume computers will become conscious. Is there any reason the believe that? (And I mean evidence-based reason, not just "wouldn't it be cool").

    You also give to this completely artificial intelligence some very human emotions: just because some humans are interested in their past, why should some completely non-human intelligence care?

    You then assume that this intelligence would be able to travel through time. As far as we know, currently, this is not possible. So this is no more an explanation anything than magic is.

    You say that a consciousness can be teleported, but again there is no evidence that that is possible.

    And then I go lost. I don't know what you mean by holographic universe. I don't know what problem you think this solves. It doesn't explain our consciousness: after all, this future computer couldn't have created us.

    All in all, it might be the good basis for an SF story, but I don't see it explaining much. Also, it isn't scientific unless you can come up with some testable predictions from this idea.

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    It sounds like you may have had a recent dose of some of the episodes of the series "Looking Through The Wormhole". I remember some of the ideas raised by some speculative hypothesis in relation to whether or not we live in a real or simulated universe. I think perhaps you meant 'virtual universe' as opposed to 'holographic universe' in the context of a question suggestive that 'us being sims' were created by a future human race (as a substitute for a God). Note that the actual universe occupied by this hypothetical advanced human race is not the same virtual universe occupied by us if we were sims. Quite an interesting hypothesis to add to the bulging list of alternatives.

    In relation to Susskinds ideas related to the notion of a holographic universe, this hypothesis emanated from the Black Hole War between Susskind and Hawking where Susskind (working from Hooft's original ideas) applied the Beckenstein Bound (that information relating to the contents of a blackhole is encoded on the surface of a black hole event horizon and that information content is proportionally related to the surface area of that boundary) as a basis to conserve information which was threatened by Hawkings notion of black holes evaporating through Hawking Radiation. Susskind used that theory as a basis to extend that principle to the boundary of the universe as an alternate way of expressing the universal contents. The Holographic principle relates to this speculative theory.

    Remember that these are just hypothesis and need to put through the crucible of falsifiability to venture forth as possible valid theories. :-))
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