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Thread: Problem on making the product

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    Hey guys!

    Good day. So far i still have time to conduct this experiment with the given statement by my teacher:

    "The used banana peelings will be finely chopped and macerated and are left to be fermented for 5 to 7 days.

    Two treatments will be used in this study, of which the first experiment is made up of extracted juice from the macerated peelings
    and the second is made up of juice with pulps.

    After seven days, the percent yield was determined for both treatments. The distillate is lit to show that there really is alcohol in the product."

    These are my questions:

    1. Can it be done that my banana peelings will be macerated then fermented? Then how?

    2. Isn't maceration enough or macerating then fermenting is necessary to determine the units/data? Would it matter? Please help me choose

    3. What would be the data i need after conducting the experiments?

    Please add more statements since i cant be really sure of what i am doing. I'd highly appreciate if someone could thoroughly respond.

    Wish all of you have a good start to this year!

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