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Thread: Air Pressure?

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    Hello. Probably not going to stay on these forums but I figured the best place to ask a question having to do with science is on the "Science Forum".

    Okay, so here's the situation.

    My father, my friend and I came back from the movies tonight and my friend plopped down on this inflatable mattress we have blown up. Well to our surprise, when my friend started to bounce while sitting on it. When he did that the door to the room started to shake only when he bounced. Now I know about transfer of movement but first of all, the floors are concrete, and second is nothing else in the room moved whatsoever. After some experimentation with moving the mattress around and it still occurring we tried opening the door. Outside the room is a garage and even with all that space between the mattress and the garage, the garage door still shaked correspondingly.

    So we were thinking it had something to do with air pressure...? If I'm blatantly wrong then.. correct me. We're not very "in the know" ,if you will, when it comes to science.

    Well.. I hope you guys can tell us what this is and if you don't know then we'll just have to resort to a haunting for an explanation. So if you have any questions then please ask, that is if anyone bothers to respond :-D
    Thank you.

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    Your guess about air pressure seems a plausible one. When your friend bounced on the mattress it would have compressed the air in the matress by a small amount. This would have reduced the total volume of air in the room by the same amount. This could have been enough to cause the door to shake.
    Alternatively shcok waves were being propagated through the concrete floor. The fact that the floor is solid would have helped those waves to travel.
    I would suggest getting your friend to bounce on the floor directly to see if this will make the door shake. Hopefull he has a well padded butt.

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