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Thread: Google Has Failed Me, Can You Guys Help? Weird Issue With Plumbing

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    I thought I might seek out a forum to try and solve this issue I am having in my home. I rent an apartment and ever since I moved in I noticed that the water, when boiling, produces steam that really stinks. It's hard to describe the odor. Smells like something burnt, that's all I can describe. I always figured it was the old pots I was using but today I received a brand new pot for Xmas and sure enough the water I tested out smelt just as bad as it always has. In fact even worse because it was a larger volume of water than usual. I find it disturbing and I am hesitant to drink the water anymore. I intend to consult the landlord but before I do I thought I might narrow down what the cause may be. You guys have any ideas? Questions regarding the situation? I'm stumped at this point. It could really be anything that I think of. Any sort of ideas would be greatly appreciated.

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    There have been cases where natural gas dissolves in tap water. Even to the point that the water is flammable. Possibly contact the council so they can test the water for some sort of natural (and possibly harmful) constituent that is causing this.

    Family discovers their faucet water is flammable

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    I wouldn't rule out sulfur either.
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