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    Hey there everyone, I'm Simon. Currently I'm a high school senior who is also dual enrolled with my local state college, taking pre-req courses that I intend on transferring to another institution upon graduation. Right now my three top majors of choice are Wildlife Biology, Earth and Environmental Sciences, and Sustainable Agriculture. I've always had quite the passion for nature, and the outdoors, and I absolutely love hiking and camping. I'm taking Chemistry II, AP Calculus, AP Government, Sociology, and a few other classes right now, so my workload is fairly rigorous.

    My main question is this: How critical is choosing your college in terms of career success. Right now my top pick is Unity College, in Maine, which (granted, it's a small liberal arts college, however it has an intense focus on environmental issues), partially because it's small class size, and hyper specialization really appeal to me. What my main concern is, however, is that it won't adequately prepare me for a career after graduation. Perhaps I'm over thinking this? I just worry that I won't have the skills/intellect required to sustain a career in the science field.

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    It really doesn't matter with the subjects you are pursuing. Just get into one that gives you everything you want for the right price.

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    Can't particularly say much in terms of which college you should go to. Only tip I can offer: Be sure to visit the college campus before deciding to attend there. I had emails/letters from UVA asking me to attend (when I had a GPA higher than something that rhymes with pooh), after a visit, I decided I was very uncomfortable there with the volume of people and size of campus. Settled for community college instead (thanks to my laziness/economic class/location/aversion to crowds).
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    I don't recommend colleges as there is no one universal right answer for anyone. Go to the one you can afford and make sure they have a solid major in your chosen field.

    As for the major, go for what you love. If you have the desire to work in that field, you will be able to excel. If someone like me can do it, anyone can. Just believe in yourself and work hard.

    Also, if you do pick environmental science (not saying you should), let me know. One of my degrees is a BS in environmental science. I might be able to offer some advice.
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