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    whats science
    can you call yourself scientist if you know scientific method and have insights and acute scientific sense as opposed to a degree based learning.

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    Not really. I even hesitate to call myself a scientist even though I have a Master's of Science, and published peer review journal articles, because its been a few decades since I've done any serious science trying to advance knowledge in any field.

    The vast majority of scientifically minded people do not have any basis to say they have "insights and acute scientific sense" without a formal education in a science.

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    I always assumed you were a scientist if you worked in the sciences. Pretty simple.

    I call myself a scientist. Hopefully, not erroneously.

    Just holding a scientific mindset isn't really enough, though. Almost all of us perform some kind of science on a daily basis, but unless it is how you define your work, it seems a bit disingenuous to refer to yourself as a scientist.

    That having been said, it isn't a title which holds a lot of prestige, or so I've found. Not sure why you would want to refer to yourself falsely as being a scientist.
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