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Thread: Recent U.S. Population Migration

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    Last couple of years, I had heard of fairly large voluntary displacements of residence. Not exactly how I meant this to sound, hope it's understandable! For example, California was experiencing many "move-aways", but still had substantial population growth, a few years back. Recent data sent to me by my nephew in Kansas is an eye-opener:

    Net Population Migration, 2010-11

    California, -94,000
    New York, -96,000
    Illinois, -53,000
    Texas, +110,000 (!)
    Virginia, +28,000

    I would think that annual movements of this size are not only the result of economic conditions, but also a cause of changing economic conditions.

    Income vs. Cost of Living, 1990-2008

    Housing, +56%
    Four-year College Degree, +60%
    Healthcare, +155% (!)

    Taxes, State & Local, per capita, 2011

    New York, $ 7,400
    California, $4,900
    Illinois, $4,600
    Virginia, $4,000
    Texas, $3,500 (!)

    Since 2007, of the five states immediately above, only Texas and New York has had a NET INCREASE in number of jobs available, the latter's being very small. The other three had NET DECREASES in jobs available.

    What are your thoughts concerning these changes? jocular

    Edit: Sources: U.S. Commerce Department; Governing Magazine; Zillow, Tax Policy Center; Economic Policy Institute. In response to differences pointed out from Wiki sourcing.

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