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Thread: forum freshman??

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    Hi i am a "forum freshman", i just wanted to know what does it mean, i ghuess by seeing other people who are also forum freshman and have only just joined and not posted alot that it may depend on amount of posts, or is it time?? and how can you change it. i see ascended is called ascended where mine sais forum freshman. so is it editable or is it a level up sorta thing based on posts and ascended has changed there name to match there level?!? i dont know and its screwing with my head and computer wich isnt fair. please someone unjam this mind boggler for me before its too late

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    The default ones are just based on your number of posts, you will change to a "sophomore" at post 100, then (IIRC), junior, senior, bachelors degree, masters degree, PhD, professor, isotope and finally at post 3000 radioactive isotope. (This was where I was before my posts were wiped!). You can also insert your own custom phrase by editing it in your profile (as Ascended has done).

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    Its simply based on posts, it doesnt mean anything, if Steven Hawking makes a first post he will be a forum freshmen or whatever.
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    You can change it by clicking "settings" on the top right of your screen, then click "edit profile in the left menu bar. Then look for "custom user title"
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